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Bug/Request Tracking

If you don't see the relevant project issues tracker further below, then look for it in

For convenience, here is a list of our trackers.

  • Bible Desktop (BD)
  • BibleCS (BCS)
  • Eloquent (MACSW)
  • Eloquent for iPad (ELOIPAD)
  • Flashcards (FC)
  • JSword (JS)
  • Module Tools (MODTOOLS)
  • Modules (MOD)
  • New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room (NTVMR)
  • PocketSword (PS)
  • Prose (PROS)
  • QPSword (QPS)
  • SwordReader (SR)
  • SwordWeb (SWEB)
  • Tyndale STEP (TYNSTEP)


Report issues for the SWORD API here:


Report text and/or markup issues here: (only for modules in the main or av11n CrossWire repositories)

Front-end applications

Please update the link here if you have migrated your project.

Each project has its own reporting mechanism. Here are a few: