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2001-07-08 -- ActiveDiatheke 1.2 is posted (see link below). It fixes locale support and adds OLB filter support. It should also have some speed improvements. diatheke/CLI 4.0 and diatheke/CGI 4.0 are also posted now as linux & win32 binaries and source. Let's just say it works very well now.

2001-07-03 -- ActiveDiatheke 1.1 is posted (see link below). It fixes many bugs and memory leaks. RTF output is now ready to send directly to a control. HTML output is now ready to send directly to a browser. ADDemo has a scrollbar. All output will be Unicode (RTF) or UTF-8, and module specified fonts are handled correctly in RTF.

2001-06-28 -- ActiveDiatheke 1.0 is posted (see link below). It remedies the verse range problem and adds UTF-8 and morphology support. ADDemo now presents RTF text rather than Plaintext to show the UTF-8 encoded modules correctly.

What is diatheke?

Diatheke is a very simple front-end to the SWORD Project's Bible software library. Essentially, "diatheke" is the stuff contained within the file "corediatheke.cpp" in the apps/console/diatheke directory of the Sword source tree. Corediatheke.cpp contains only one function that is intended to be called from any program using diatheke, and that function performs exactly one lookup in the Sword library per call. Examples of calls would be a query for a verse (or verse list/range), a search, a request for a list of modules, etc.

Where's the name 'diatheke' come from?

Diatheke means 'testament' or 'commandment'. And diatheke (the program) was originally a command line application. commandment... command line app... It's a pun.

So how is diatheke useful to me?

Probably it isn't, but there are a number of front-ends to diatheke (yes, front-ends to a front-end) that are of use. These include:

  • diatheke/CLI: a command-line interface to Sword
  • diatheke/TCL: a BibleBot for eggdrop that interfaces with diatheke/CLI
  • diatheke/CGI: a Perl/CGI interface to diatheke/CLI (see it here)
  • HANDiatheke: a Palm PQA interface to diatheke/CGI
  • ActiveDiatheke: an ActiveX control (.OCX) interface to Sword

How do I get diatheke?

To get the very latest version, grab the SWORD source tree from our SVN repository using the URL:

   $ svn checkout sword

If you don't want to use SVN, you can try grabbing a recent release from

For diatheke/CLI and diatheke/CGI you can download version 4.0 from:

For diatheke/TCL and HANDiatheke you can download version 2.0 from

For ActiveDiatheke you can download a preliminary version from