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* Go Bible: [[User:David Haslam]]
* Go Bible: [[User:David Haslam]]
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Use this page to provide information about current projects and proposals for new software applications.

Active support projects

Project Name Brief Description Status Pumpkin Holder Ants
Wycliffe SWORDWeb Deployment Setup and deploy SWORDWeb on WBT server. Automate grabbing of new OSIS files from a repository and generating sword modules from such, which are web published with SWORDWeb. Planning, some initial proof of concept deployment of SWORDWeb, but not final env. scribe
Alternate Versifications Support alternate versifications for Bibles in SWORD. Plan: Produce a Bible using treekey{testament/book/ch/vs} structure, create VerseTreeKey subclass of VerseKey which has a TreeKey as its data source. Add entry to module.conf: KeyType=VerseTreeKey Code for VerseKey Bibles implemented and released; requirements gathering and basic impl. for VerseTreeKey scribe
UBS Translator Upload Facility Provide an upload page on CrossWire.org for UBS translators to upload their in-progress OSIS files, which will then be converted with automation to sword modules and web published via a separate instance of SWORDWeb. Planning.
SWORDWeb merge of passagestudy.jsp and parallelstudy.jsp There is no real reason for having separate pages for single- / multi-column display. Merge any functionality left on passagestudy.jsp, which parallel study.jsp does not already support and then make one display page. Next step will be to merge displaylevel2 displays of genbooks with this new, common display page. Planning. Have been slowly adding functionality to paralleldisplay.jsp for some time now.
NASB Lexicons Convert Lockman Lexicon data to complete NASB module for Lockman to sell Both the Greek and Hebrew have been encoded into TEI. These are now going through internal review. After that it will be made into a module for further internal review. DM Smith
Map Module Create a new module type, map, that indexes images as a collection of tuples (image, place name, xy-coord). This could use Troy's papyrus tagger and map images. Add Sword support for dynamically identifying place names in displayed text according to the "place name" vocabulary of a map module. Requirements gathering
Prepare for i18n translation of SWORDWeb and CrossWire HTML Before translation of the website and webtools can occur, the actual content need to be updated Moved sword website into svn. Still need to move crosswire into svn. ghellings, gmarine

New front-end applications

Use this section to announce work begun for developing new SWORD or JSword based front-ends. They should be mentioned here even if they are only at the proof of concept stage, so that may prevent duplication of effort.

Tyndale STEP

Android platform

  • Troy has begun work on developing an Android front-end called Bishop. A preliminary APK file is now available for early testing. Visit the CrossWire mobile-devel mailing list if you would like to help.

No proposal has been made to adapt Bishop for OPhone.

Java ME application framework

  • Go Bible is not a SWORD front-end per se. Nevertheless it is CrossWire's first project for the Java ME application framework. Project leader is David Haslam.

Windows Mobile platform

  • SlideBible is a new front-end project for Windows Mobile. It is available for early use and cooperative development. Current state: you can read SWORD Bible modules, though so far only for touch screen models. Visit the SWORD Dev mailing list if you would like to help.

Ideas for projects

Google Chrome OS

No proposal has been made to develop a SWORD front-end for Chrome OS.

Amazon Kindle

  • Illya Antonenko has made a KJV Bible for the Amazon Kindle eBook reader. It is not a SWORD front-end per se. It was made from the OSIS XML file for the KJV. It is mentioned here because of the potential for porting other translations to the same platform. He has also made a Kindle edition of the NET Bible, complete with notes. Contact David Haslam to be put in touch with Illya.

BlackBerry Smart Phones

Currently being discussed in the Sword Devel mailing list. Add content here when a consensus is reached.

Symbian OS

  • Now that the Symbian operating system has gone open-source[1], and companies such as Nokia have announced their first cell-phone models based on this[2], is there a need or opportunity to develop a Symbian based SWORD front-end?

OPhone OS

OPhone OS is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. It is based on technologies initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google, and work done by the Open Handset Alliance. It has been modified for local Chinese markets by China Mobile's OPhone Software Developers Network.

BREW platform

  • BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) is an application development platform for mobile phones, used by a number of manufacturers instead of Java ME.
    No proposal has been made to develop a SWORD front-end for this platform.

MTK platform

  • MTK is the RTOS that runs on MediaTek processors, such as the MT6235, commonly found in many Chinese GSM phones sold in Asia. MTK is a proprietary OS derived from Nucleus RTOS from Mentor Graphics. Many such Chinese manufactured mobile phones do not support Java ME. No proposal has been made to develop a SWORD front-end for this platform.

MRP application framework

  • What is MRP?
These two paragraphs are pasted from the Google translation of [3]. Anyone interested should also visit [4] and use Google translate if you can't read Chinese.
现在的各个手机软件游戏厂商到开发平台,一般都注重高端手机的市场。 Now all the game makers to develop cell phone software platform, generally focus on high-end mobile phone market. 国产手机,杂牌手机等所谓的山寨手机往往没人重视,导致很多国产手机用户,想安装软件和游戏却没有。 China-made mobile phones, brand-name mobile phones, mobile phones are often the so-called cottage no one attention, resulting in many domestic mobile phone users want to install software and games do not.
MRP是一种跨平台手机应用格式文件,用标准ANSI C编写。 MRP is a cross-platform mobile application format, using standard ANSI C to prepare. MRP的应用范围广泛,目前国产手机已普遍使用该格式应用。 MRP application of a wide range of mobile phones have now made widespread use of the format application. 现已有游戏、电子书、音乐、图片、主题、聊天工具类等200多个应用程序。 There have been games, books, music, pictures, themes, chat tools such as more than 200 applications. 只要用户手机内置了SKYEngine平台,就可直接下载MRP格式的各种各样的手机软件。 As long as the user device includes SKYEngine platform, you can download a variety of MRP format cell phone software.
No proposal has been made to develop a SWORD front-end for this platform.

New software utilities

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Developer To Do Lists