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Use this page to provide information about current projects and proposals for new software applications.
==New or currently active front-end applications==
=== Xiphos ===
=== BibleTime ===
=== Tyndale STEP ===
* [[Frontends:TyndaleStep|Tyndale STEP - Scripture Tools for Every Pastor]] – in collaboration with Tyndale House, Cambridge.
=== Android platform ===
* Troy has begun work on developing an [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_%28operating_system%29 Android] front-end called '''Bishop'''. A preliminary APK file is now available for early testing. ''Visit the CrossWire mobile-devel mailing list if you would like to help''.
== Ideas for new projects ==
* See [[Ideas for new projects]].
==Other Related Projects==
* [[BibleSync]]
[[Category:SWORD Frontends]]

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