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This page is a work in progress.


This page is intended to provide a more detailed background and description for the one module for which the OSIS XML source text is maintained by CrossWire volunteers. All other modules are based on source text from external providers.

The KJV module was one of the earliest to be released and distributed by CrossWire after The SWORD Project was launched. It remains one of the most frequently downloaded modules in all our repositories.

Text Provenance and Acknowledgments

Reference Text

Need for a reference text

The CrossWire KJV is meant to be the faithful e-text edition[1] of the 1769 KJV[2]. To that end it needs to be diligently checked against a reference standard for accuracy.

Briefly describe:

  • the confusion regarding the text of the KJV.
  • how the 1769 KJV in relation to other editions.
  • the variations found in modern KJV.
  • the KJV-only movement.

When Project KJV2006 was started, there was no authoritative edition of Benjamin Blayney's 1769 Oxford edition of the KJV. All the modern versions available differed substantially.


  1. With added features suited to the digital age we live in.
  2. Excluding the Apocrypha.

Chosen Text

The Old Scofield Study Bible was used for version 2.3 to 2.10 and was chosen for the following reasons:


The following probably belongs in Provenance at least in part.

The CrossWire's KJV module is an amalgamation of different source material. Each has its own copyright or is in the public domain.

  • The actual text validated against 2 independent eTexts and found differences against our hard-copy reference for such. See discussion below.
  • The "Red Letter" markup of the words of Christ have been validated against our hard-copy reference for such.
  • The Strong's numbers in the NT are from Maurice Robinson. ... Give his info here.
  • The Strong's numbers in the OT are from... (this is discussed in the conf).
  • The tagging of Strong's numbers to the NT text is a unique effort of The CrossWire Bible Society KJV2003 effort. It is copyright CrossWire, 2003-2016.
  • The OSIS markup is a unique effort of The CrossWire Bible Society, starting with the KJV2003 effort. It is copyright CrossWire, 2003-2016.

Crown copyright, Letters Patent and the KJV

In the United Kingdom, the text of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible is protected by royal prerogative. "There is a small class of materials where the Crown claims the right to control reproduction outside normal copyright law due to Letters Patent issued under the royal prerogative. This material includes the King James Bible, and the Book of Common Prayer." See Crown copyright.

In most of the world, the Authorized Version has passed out of copyright and is freely reproduced. In the United Kingdom, the British Crown restricts production of the Authorized Version per transitional exemptions from the Copyright Act 1775 (which implemented this clause) in the Copyright, Designs and patents Act 1988 (Schedule I, section 13(1)), which expire in 2039. Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, HarperCollins and the Queen's Printers have the right to produce the Authorized Version. See King James Bible.


While the KJV was a module at CrossWire prior to version 2.0, this is the earliest for which dates can be determined. Dates prior to version 2.3 are best estimates.

Revision Date Description
2.10 Future Improved OSIS markup.


  • Add space after ¶.
  • Move sID before osisID in verse elements.
  • Fix OSIS schema to properly validate types on rdg element, changed alternative to alternate.
  • Add osisRef to catchWord.
  • Add n attribute to note element.
  • Add front matter to KJV, dedicatory and preface.
2.9 2016-01-21 Improved OSIS markup.


  • Added catch word and reading markup to notes.
  • Improved markup of Selah.
2.8 2015-12-20 Improved OSIS markup.


  • Moved Ps 119 acrostic titles before verse number.
  • Added Feature=NoParagraphs.
2.7 2015-08-09 Fixed bugs preventing the display of some Strong's Numbers.
2.6.1 2014-02-15 Added GlobalOptionFilter for OSISLemma
2.6 2013-10-05 Fixed bugs. Added Greek from TR.
2.5 2013-02-02 Fixed bugs.
2.4 2009-05-29 Fixed bugs. Updated red-letter markup of Word of Christ.
2.3 2006-10-09 Fixed bugs. See: Project KJV2006


  • Faithful representation of the KJV.
  • Each book of the Bible is well-formed xml.
  • Each book of the Bible is valid OSIS xml according to the 2.1.1 schema.
  • The markup conforms to OSIS best practices as mentioned on the Sword-devel mailing list and the OSIS 2.1.1 user's manual
  • Strong's markup normalized.


  • The xml is now well-formed.
  • The xml is now valid OSIS 2.1.1
  • Strong's numbers have been normalized.
  • Fixed the missing 's in the OT
  • Moved whitespace and puncutation to a more sensible location and fixed whitespace problems.
  • Positioned the ¶ at the start of verses.
  • Validated against Old Scofield Study Bible for all differences found by comparing against the KJV encoded by Tim Lanfear for CCEL.
  • Validated against Old Scofield Study Bible for all differences found by comparing against the KJV encoded Interleaf Bible.
  • Fixed all existing titles and added missing ones.
  • Fixed paragraphing
  • Tagged all inscriptions
  • Fixed and tagged all divine names
  • Added xlit to w elements for the acrostic in Psalm 119
  • Hyphenated names
  • Fixed names with Æ and æ
  • Fixed a bug in osis2mod that incorrectly encoded the last verse of each book
  • Removed Strong's number H00 as it does not exist.
2.2 2004-07-25 Updated to 20040121 snapshot of KJV2003.
2.1 2003-06-24 Changed Old Testament to use OSIS tags, removing the last of the GBF markup.
Also updated to 20030624 snapshot of KJV2003. Compressed.
2.0 2003-01-08 Changed New Testament to use a snapshot of the KJV2003 Project

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