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Text Provenance and Acknowledgments

Reference Text



While the KJV was a module at CrossWire prior to version 2.0, this is the earliest for which dates were kept. 2003 is the earliest that it can be found on the Internet Wayback Machine.

Revision Date Description
2.9 2016-01-21 Added markup to notes. Improved markup of Selah.
2.8 2015-12-20 Moved Ps 119 acrostic titles before verse number. Added Feature for no paragraphs.
2.7 2015-08-09 Fixed bugs preventing the display of some Strong's Numbers.
2.6.1 2014-02-15 Added GlobalOptionFilter for OSISLemma
2.6 2013-10-05 Fixed bugs. Added Greek from TR.
2.5 2013-02-02 Fixed bugs.
2.4 2009-05-29 Fixed bugs.
2.3 2006-10-09 Fixed bugs.
2.2 2004-07-25 Updated to 20040121 snapshot of KJV2003.
2.1 2003-06-24 Changed Old Testament to use OSIS tags, removing the last of the GBF markup.
Also updated to 20030624 snapshot of KJV2003. Compressed.
2.0 2003-01-08 Changed New Testament to use a snapshot of the KJV2003 Project