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Text Provenance and Acknowledgments

Reference Text



While the KJV was a module at CrossWire prior to version 2.0, this is the earliest for which dates were kept. Dates prior to version 2.3 are best estimates.

Revision Date Description
2.9 2016-01-21 Added markup to notes. Improved markup of Selah.
2.8 2015-12-20 Moved Ps 119 acrostic titles before verse number. Added Feature for no paragraphs.
2.7 2015-08-09 Fixed bugs preventing the display of some Strong's Numbers.
2.6.1 2014-02-15 Added GlobalOptionFilter for OSISLemma
2.6 2013-10-05 Fixed bugs. Added Greek from TR.
2.5 2013-02-02 Fixed bugs.
2.4 2009-05-29 Fixed bugs. Updated red-letter markup of Word of Christ.
2.3 2006-10-09 Fixed bugs. See: Project KJV2006
2.2 2004-07-25 Updated to 20040121 snapshot of KJV2003.
2.1 2003-06-24 Changed Old Testament to use OSIS tags, removing the last of the GBF markup.
Also updated to 20030624 snapshot of KJV2003. Compressed.
2.0 2003-01-08 Changed New Testament to use a snapshot of the KJV2003 Project