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== Vulgate ==
== Vulgate ==
Malachi has 4 chapters.
== Luther ==
== Luther ==

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Here are some notes on identifying versification systems based on text (presence of verses, order of books, etc.). For now it will simply be some whiteboarding. Perhaps we can make a nice flowchart in time--and eventually adapt it into a v11n identifier script.

Contributors should feel free to add to the page, but don't make it pretty at the expense of easy editing.

O (OT), A (apocrypha), & N (NT) indicate possible testaments in each v11n.


Some identified versification systems include:

  • KJV ON (aka English, Sword's default)
  • KJVA OAN (above plus apocrypha)
  • Leningrad O (that used by the (Westminster) Leningrad Codex)
  • Tanakh O (same as above, different book order)
  • Original OAN (Tanakh plus LXX? apocrypha plus NA27, English book order)
  • LXX OA
  • Vulgate OAN
  • Luther OAN (Original, different book order)
  • NRSVA OAN (English OT plus NA27)


(ON) (aka English, Sword's default)


(OAN) (above plus apocrypha)


(O) For Hebrew Bibles, more specifically those based on the Leningrad Codex.

Book order is as usual for Tanakh except that 1Chr & 2 Chr are placed between Mal & Ps.


(O) For Hebrew Bibles and a few translations (e.g. the JPS translations into English). Books are ordered according to rabbinic tradition.

Book order is: Gen, Exod, Lev, Num, Deut, Josh, Judg, 1Sam, 2Sam, 1Kgs, 2Kgs, Isa, Jer, Ezek, Hos, Joel, Amos, Obad, Jonah, Mic, Nah, Hab, Zeph, Hag, Zech, Mal, Ps, Job, Prov, Ruth, Song, Eccl, Lam, Esth, Dan, Ezra, Neh, 1Chr, 2Chr

Malachi has 3 chapters.


(OAN) (Tanakh plus LXX? apocrypha plus NA27, English book order)




(OAN) Malachi has 4 chapters.


(OAN) (Original, different book order)


(OAN) (English OT plus NA27)