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=== Modules with alternative versifications ===
[[DevTools:confFiles| Configuration file]]

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Alternative versifications mean ultimately to allow Bible texts with arbitrary canon or versification schemes to coexist peacefully on the same SWORD installation and (ultimately) to map cleanly between each other via cross references or parallel display.

There are technically 2 routes to support this under development:

  1. ripping out the hardcoded KJV canon.h offsets and replacing them with VerseMgr, which allows registration of canon.h-like v11n systems.
  2. genbook Bibles

Both have been under development and 2 requires 1.


Modules with alternative versifications

Configuration file

Modules requiring alternate versification

  • Ohienko Ukrainian translation.
    The existing module had discarded the original Ukrainian verse numbers. ua4ever has recently made an OSIS file in the KJV order, but with the original Ukrainian verse references in parentheses. Download RAR file from [1]. For related discussions, see [2]. Registration and login is required.